Keyword in context: Verb + ing or infinitive? (II)

Again, check the following sentences:

  • Thomson (extract 9) uses informal language («If you decide to chuck it all in…») and addresses her audience…
  • Freud, despite all evidence proving child abuse decided to reject the evidence (as cited in J Masson, 1992).
  • We want to see the same principle – putting people and high quality artists and art together to create transforming experiences -, economic and personal.
  • They wanted to fight  for their own cause now.
  • Happiness through material wealth is supported by the government who in pre-election campaigns promise to increase wages in order to make people happier.
  • The leading case is Balfour v Balfour; a husband, living in Ceylon promised to pay his wife, living England, £ 30 in expenses.
  • Secondly, I plan to look in some depth at the main reasons given by historians on why this revolution ‘failed’.
  • After the invitation of Febvre who had planned to write a concurrent volume on mentalités before his death.
  • Some of the senior house officers very kindly offered to show me around their city.
  • Unemployed workers cannot offer to work  at lower wages, as it would be in the workers benefit to shirk at such wage.