Key word in context: Verb + ing or infinitive? (III)

Last, we are going to focus on the following sentences:

  • When I felt comfortable in the class then I quite liked playing language games.
  • In particular I would like to focus on Britain and examine the reasons behind Britain’s relatively slower growth during this period.
  • The miners knew each other, they were friends and loved to meet each other after work.
  • They love going to new places to experience different cultures whenever they have free time .
  • The question could be quite different: «Why do people bother to vote?»   as if nonvoting were the natural pattern or expected behaviour and voting required explanation.
  • An implication of this would be to give up on strategy. Why bother trying to control?
  • Strangelove’s ‘horrible grin’ of black humour had become the only means by which society could learn to  stop worrying and love the bomb.
  • Once defect products arise, the team will stop to modify them together to assure the finished products meeting customers’ requirement.
  • «I remember going to my mother and explaining that I wanted to go on studying …. “
  • Joyce always remembered to send cards for major festivities, with a mix of Italian, Triestine and English language.