Keyword in context: Verb + ing or infinitive? (I)

Most exercises for practising English introduce the rule followed by some examples. This time we will review the examples first, this is, the key words in context from concordance lines, and we will try to find patterns, as if we were language detectives.

Have a look at the following sentences focusing on the words marked in red:

  • Fatorrini (2001) suggests increasing prices on less expensive beverages instead of more expensive ones
  • We suggest stressing the connection with ECREA, the association in itself reflecting developments in the journal’s field.
  • Training also contributes to qualified staff that is more committed to the firm and so, enjoy working for it on a long term basis what at the end is beneficial for both parties.
  • For example, the mental inmates might enjoy participating in a game of volleyball not for the purpose of exercising.
  • That person does not mind paying a little bit extra for this.
  • He had been taking them for years and did not mind taking them as they «keep him alive».
  • They will rarely risk losing their jobs by questioning management’s decisions
  • Popper discusses the importance of a good scientific theory, being one that can risk being falsified, this is known as falsification.
  • Small boys in football strips imagine flying through space, firing missiles through the galaxies.
  • She imagined having a warm feeling inside her that would make the rest of her glow with confidence.